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Julian Assange is a Bond Villain on the Right Side of History

December 2, 2010 Politics 6 Comments

Some are reporting that WikiLeaks.org is now being hosted from a Cold War-era Swedish bunker built into a fucking mountain, but at this point, it has become difficult to tell where the WikiLeaks’ website is actually hosted. Wikipedia says the organization’s site was moved to servers in France following denial of service attacks and a brief stay with Amazon. According to Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks, the site is now being hosted from Thor Data Center in Iceland. It may very well be the case that WikiLeaks’ hosting is spread out among some or all of these locations.

What is more clear is the accuracy of jokes surrounding the bunker story, those being that founder Julian Assange is some kind of Bond villain.

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Who or what is Justin Bieber?

November 30, 2010 Entertainment No Comments

Image: Cover art for Baby by Justin Bieber. Copyright Island Records.

Justin Bieber. JB. Biebz. You’ve watched the parody videos, you’ve seen Twitter drown in his name, you’ve read 4chan tried to send him to North Korea, but you’ve never bothered to look him up on Wikipedia and figure out who he is, or what he is all about.

Well, after years of wondering, and becoming increasingly convinced of my disconnect from the culture of kids today and their pre-teen pseudo-R&B music, I have performed about five minutes of research. I now feel qualified to enlighten you, the rest of the world, on the sensation that is Bieber. Disclaimer: I have yet to sit through one of his music videos.

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There and Back Again: Remembering the Lord of the Rings films and anticipating The Hobbit

November 6, 2010 Entertainment 1 Comment

Nine years ago this December the first Lord of the Rings film, The Fellowship of the Ring, opened in theatres. Since I recently had a chance to re-watch the trilogy, and with production on the prequels finally moving forward, now seems like an appropriate time to look back at the Lord of the Rings films, and look forward to The Hobbit movies.

Remembering The Lord of the Rings

The Fellowship of the Ring

Image: Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring. Copyright New Line Cinema.

For Fellowship, I believe my count was five. I think it was my second watching, this time at a livelier city theatre, that the audience cheered when Aragorn decapitated that Uruk-hai who had pumped Boromir full of arrows. That remains the only time I’ve ever witnessed an audience respond to a film in a non-embarrassing way.

Upon re-watching Fellowship of the Ring, I am happy to report that it is just as I remember it. Still awesome. The slavish attention to detail, the richness of the world that Jackson has recreated on film, the acting, and the dialogue have ensured a graceful aging. Of the three, I still maintain that it is my favourite, and still the best paced. The film begins slowly, just as with the novel upon which it is based, presenting the idyllic hobbit life, and then steadily layering tension and complexity.

That’s not to say that it’s a perfect movie. The moments that made me grit my teeth and wish they would go away when I saw the movie for the third through infinity times are still there. These aren’t movie-ruining moments by any means, it’s just that the corny bits here aren’t endearing, they’re distracting. The cinematography has a habit of reminding me that Jackson used to direct cheesy horror movies, with those choppy slow-down moments and wacky zoom-outs. Mostly though, it’s Galadriel’s green-faced freak-out that gets to me.

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Movie Maundering #6 – The Expendables

September 20, 2010 Entertainment No Comments

Image: The Expendables cover art. Copyright Lionsgate.

Welcome again to Movie Maundering, home of my opinion. Enjoy. This week, I actually went to the theater to see a recently released movie, The Expendables.


Mercenaries turn crusaders for some reason.

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RPG Perspective: The Perils of Sound

September 19, 2010 Games 3 Comments

This guest post comes to you from the brilliant mind of sirbretly, who writes for CineBombs! Seriously, check out his site.

For just a moment, rewind your clocks to the year 1997 for the release of a game hailed by many as one of gaming’s most vaunted “artistic” creations: Final Fantasy VII. While the exact nature of FF7’s contributions isn’t something I really hope to discuss here (since I find my own perspective rather varying), I will say that it was a very ambitious story, carried through three discs and hours of gameplay. So, what was it that drove that narrative? Did it belong to the visuals that were (for the day) some of the most beautiful ever released? Was it due to the expansive soundtrack composed by series-veteran Nobuo Uematsu? Or was it due to the writing?

Well, you could say it was a combination of both things, but what I most remember is the narrative. Convoluted as it was, the story behind it all struck a chord, and now I find myself looking back in nostalgia at a game that actually gave me some surprises. Well, fast forward to 2001 for Final Fantasy X. Again, another epic storyline, convoluted with twists, but this time there was something different. There was some obstacle between me and the game that really left a sour taste in my mouth.

What was that, you ask? The voice acting.

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