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The Legend of Zelda’s 10 Greatest Boss Battles: Part 2

January 5, 2011 Games No Comments

Image: Ocarina of Time. Nintendo.

I’m counting down the greatest boss battles in Legend of Zelda history. Click here to view part 1.
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The Legend of Zelda’s 10 Greatest Boss Battles: Part 1

January 4, 2011 Games 1 Comment

Image: Copyright Nintendo.

The Legend of Zelda. It’s the greatest game franchise in history. It’s games are, well, legend, and so are its boss battles. This list is my attempt at ranking the greatest, that is to say, the most fun, the most epic, and the most memorable, boss battles in Zelda history. Click here to view part 2 of this article.
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Tron: Legacy Review

December 21, 2010 Entertainment No Comments

Image: Tron Legacy poster. Walt Disney Pictures.

Have you tried to watch the original Tron recently? I was first exposed to the 1982 film several years ago. I think I got through it that time, but barely, and can’t claim that it left enough of an impression on me to actually remember anything heading into a recent re-watching.

Watch the trailer. Yeah, it’s pretty much like that. A goofy, very eighties plot stuck on top of a compelling concept, some interesting (for their time) effects, and a truly unique style. That formula apparently worked well enough for the film to develop a fan base and survive in popular consciousness. Thus, with the potential for profit on the line, a sequel was ordered up.

I won’t attack Tron: Legacy for being unnecessary, I think there is enough in the original to draw out a compelling continuation of the series, and any use of the license would surely be better than the likes of Yogi Bear. I will, however, attack it for being an unnecessarily direct sequel. The original film may have worked in its time, but going back to characters from some 28 years ago, when those characters are not the part of your source material which are iconic or well remembered, makes for unnecessarily awkward storytelling.

The problem with Tron: Legacy is, put simply, the plot. For whatever reason, the decision was made to remain beholden to the original film and make this thing as a sequel, where a re-make/re-boot/re-imagining would have better served to bring the world of Tron to modern audiences in a more engrossing way, unencumbered by the events of a film most people don’t really remember anyway.

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SpikeTV Video Game Awards 2010 Live Blog – Over and Done

December 11, 2010 Games 1 Comment

Hit the jump for the what was the live blog coverage. Relive the pain.

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SpikeTV Video Game Awards Drinking Game 2010

December 11, 2010 Games 1 Comment

SpikeTV’s Video Game Awards will be airing 6pm Mountain time tonight. What I like to call “the annual abortion” will be hosted by living god Neil Patrick Harris, who has explained that this year’s sets will be digital, and that he plans on getting through the night by drinking. “I try to be as drunk as Dean Martin, that makes it all go away much faster,” says Harris. Wise words. That’s why we at Shufflingdead have decided to put together a set of drinking game rules for the evening, thus propelling the rest of us suckers through the night as well.

Remember, Shufflingdead will be live-blogging the event when it airs, so check back here later today.

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