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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen: Collaborative Review

October 8, 2009 Entertainment No Comments

Theatre Experience

Newbs: We started out at the arcade. I found House of the Dead 4 to be quite greedy with my quarters.

Katte: Newbs died by the time I acquired my tokens.

Newbs: I had been to this theatre before, and so I knew they sold pickles. But then, when I tried to purchase one, I was informed they no longer carried them.

Katte: There was an old guy behind us who became very distraught when Newbs exclaimed “they don’t have any pickles?!”

Newbs: I felt like one half of a duo of bitter old men, like those two guys in the Muppets.

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The Best Bond Song

The best Bond? Connery, easy. Craig after that. Everybody knows this (although some, for reasons I cannot fathom, play the Devil’s Advocate and claim some other Bond for this title) but what not as many people think about is the music behind the man on top of the woman. The Best Bond song? Hoo-boy. There’s a lot of stinkers there, for sure, but tucked away between those awful melodies? Pure genius. Mozart wishes he had done the music for some of Bond’s movies– and, having listened repeatedly to Duran Duran’s “A View to Kill,” I wish he had had a chance.

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How to be Cheap, Bored, and Boring

September 24, 2009 Business No Comments

I am not a man of frugality. Indeed, my miserly money skills are so beyond what it is to be frugal that I could be said to be cheap. The cheapest. In these slightly less difficult times than they recently were, I feel that what the world needs is help in maintaining and deepening the cheapness they may have recently discovered. If you follow my advice, not only will you not lose your house the next time the markets drop, you may find an increased tolerance for wearing the same clothes you had a decade ago.

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Creating a Popular Website

September 17, 2009 Technology No Comments

I’ve written before about creating a successful website, but this is 2009, and things have changes. GeoCities will soon be closed, the first result of seemingly every search is to a Wikipedia article, and people actually make money uploading their content to other people’s websites. This is the era of getting big on big sites, and using that fame to trick people into visiting your website.

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A Rational Response to Riots

September 3, 2009 Politics No Comments

“I’m here to kick ass and chew bubble gum– and I ain’t looting any bubblegum ’til Thursday.” – Anonymous

There seems little point in focusing on any individual riot for a better perspective on the subject; after all, one doesn’t look at a particular painting to judge the merit of fine art. Thus, I turn this article over to a more diffused, general look at opinions and facts about riots the world over. The following is the result of my rational, well-navigated research.

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