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What is this….Tetris they speak of?

March 29, 2006 Games No Comments

I would ask how many people have played the game, but I believe it would be faster to ask the planet how many people have not played the game.

Tetris, originally designed by Alexey Pazhitnov, is a game about shapes. A puzzle game if you will. But a puzzle game that has entranced entire generations.

And it’s back. In pog form.

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Game Review – Serious Sam 2

February 22, 2006 Games No Comments

I have to admit; I love CroTeam. They make awesome games. Not because of graphics, or storyline, or any of the other “traditional” reasons people make and play games, but for a wholly new and excellent reason — because the games they make are actually fun.

Serious Sam 2

Published By: 2K Games
Developed By: CroTeam
Released: 10/11/2005

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Game Review: Lunar: Dragon Song

February 1, 2006 Games No Comments

Developer: Game Arts / Marvelous Interactive
Publisher: Ubisoft
Release Date: 27/09/2005
Console: Nintendo DS

You would think that reviewing games would be lots of fun. Well, it is. Unless you have the unfortunate circumstance to have to review a shitty game. Then you have to actually plow your way through long enough to form a(relatively) well-thought out opinion on it.

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Game Review – X3

January 25, 2006 Games No Comments

Publisher: Enlight Software
Developer: Egosoft
Release Date: 28/10/05

If you enjoy trading, exploring, and maybe even a little fighting, then this game is for you. But you also have to enjoy:

Capcom-esque controls[except more controls than any Capcom game in existence]
A learning curve that is like hitting a brick wall, then finding two more on the other side.
BUGS![I don’t mean the alien kind]

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The Industry of Hell, Part 4: The Future

April 29, 2005 Games No Comments

There are those who dare to speculate on the future of gaming. Based on nothing more than vague, poorly translated statements from companies, rumours, and pure fanboyish bloodlust, people across this vast internet have dared guess on how things will go down. I am a man beyond all measurable intellect, and so I shall predict what the future will hold for this, the fifth generation since Nintendo rocked the video game industry like I rock a back porch.

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