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Interview with Fredrik Liliegren: Clarifying the “Wii is a virus” Controversy

March 19, 2010 Games 3 Comments

Recently, former Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment (DICE) co-founder, and head of Antic Entertainment Fredrik Liliegren garnered serious criticism when he called the Wii a “virus.” That included Shufflingdead, we made him our Shameful Human of that week.

Mr. Liliegren has agreed to an interview with Shufflingdead with the hopes of clarifying his comments.

I think your initial comment about the Wii being a “virus” has been taken out of context by many. Can you clear up what you meant by that term specifically?

The analogy that I used stating the Wii is like a virus, was in reference to how I think a lot of the sales of Wii Systems has happened. I think a lot of people showed up at someone’s house, they had the Wii out and played some games (most likely Wii Sports) thought “wow this is cool and different!” and went out and bought one, played a few rounds of Wii sports, possibly with some other friends whom did the same thing, Looked at it and said “wow this is cool and different!” and went and bought one as well. So the Virus spreads, but it’s not that contagious, because most of these people viewed the Wii as a Toy and bought it as a Toy not a games machines, thus have not continued to play with it other than occasionally, and most likely have not bought any “serious” games or many other games for it (hence the small tie ratio for Wii software).

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The 2000s in Games

December 27, 2009 Games No Comments

Continuing my series on the 2000s in review, I come now to video games. As the decade dawned, gaming was facing one of its darkest periods. The SEGA Dreamcast, released in 1998, and the first of the sixth generation of consoles, was about to be smashed without remorse by one of the most insidious forces in gaming history. One spring morning, the PlayStation 2 descended upon Japan, and SEGA’s last great hope was silenced. That black monolith of evil known as the PS2 began its reign of shame that day, and gamers of the world suffered under it for much of the rest of the decade.

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The Future of Gaming

August 20, 2009 Games No Comments

As an avid console gamer, I like to keep up on what the future holds for my favourite industry. I’ve compiled several ideas, all very real, which console makers have recently patented, and I would like to use this article to ruminate on the possibilities of each of these innovations.

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Video Game Character Analysis: Females

July 13, 2009 Games No Comments

Last week, I wrote an article analyzing some of the grizzled bad-ass men of gaming, this week I’d like to check out the finely sculpted female equivalents.

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Video Game Character Analysis: Males

July 6, 2009 Games 4 Comments

In the video game industry, it is commonly understood that the greatness of your male hero should be represented visually by loading him up with a bunch of heavy and awkward equipment, then adding a scar, and finally, giving him a really displeased facial expression. I’d like to look at a few examples today. Note: the female equivalent of this article can be found here.

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