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SpikeTV Video Game Awards Drinking Game 2010

December 11, 2010 Games 1 Comment

SpikeTV’s Video Game Awards will be airing 6pm Mountain time tonight. What I like to call “the annual abortion” will be hosted by living god Neil Patrick Harris, who has explained that this year’s sets will be digital, and that he plans on getting through the night by drinking. “I try to be as drunk as Dean Martin, that makes it all go away much faster,” says Harris. Wise words. That’s why we at Shufflingdead have decided to put together a set of drinking game rules for the evening, thus propelling the rest of us suckers through the night as well.

Remember, Shufflingdead will be live-blogging the event when it airs, so check back here later today.

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RPG Perspective: The Perils of Sound

September 19, 2010 Games 3 Comments

This guest post comes to you from the brilliant mind of sirbretly, who writes for CineBombs! Seriously, check out his site.

For just a moment, rewind your clocks to the year 1997 for the release of a game hailed by many as one of gaming’s most vaunted “artistic” creations: Final Fantasy VII. While the exact nature of FF7’s contributions isn’t something I really hope to discuss here (since I find my own perspective rather varying), I will say that it was a very ambitious story, carried through three discs and hours of gameplay. So, what was it that drove that narrative? Did it belong to the visuals that were (for the day) some of the most beautiful ever released? Was it due to the expansive soundtrack composed by series-veteran Nobuo Uematsu? Or was it due to the writing?

Well, you could say it was a combination of both things, but what I most remember is the narrative. Convoluted as it was, the story behind it all struck a chord, and now I find myself looking back in nostalgia at a game that actually gave me some surprises. Well, fast forward to 2001 for Final Fantasy X. Again, another epic storyline, convoluted with twists, but this time there was something different. There was some obstacle between me and the game that really left a sour taste in my mouth.

What was that, you ask? The voice acting.

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Video Game Character Analysis: Female Furry Abominations

September 5, 2010 Games 2 Comments

Video Game Character Analysis is an ongoing series here at Shufflingdead in which I analyze the physical appearances of game characters. I have previously considered male and female human digital heroes. This time around, I will be looking at female furry abominations.

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Games in Review #5 – Borderlands

August 28, 2010 Games 1 Comment

Welcome back to Games in Review! Today I’ll be reviewing RPG-Shooter, Borderlands for the Xbox 360.


The story of Borderlands is blessedly simple: You’re a Treasure Hunter on the planet Pandora looking for a legendary find called The Vault. Nobody has ever been able to find The Vault, so of course no one can tell you what is inside, but many have speculated that The Vault contains spectacular riches, far-advanced technology, or anything else they’ve ever desired.

As a note, I was hoping for a secret harem. I was kind of right, but not in a good way.

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Games in Review #4 – Super Mario RPG

July 23, 2010 Games No Comments

Welcome back to Games In Review. Today, we’ll be reaching way back into my childhood to the ol’ SNES days and reviewing Super Mario RPG.


The game starts out like any other Mario game: the Princess is missing, and it looks like Bowser is up to his old tricks again. After a bit of investigating, however, we discover that the true culprit behind all of the goings on is a villain named Smithy, a smith, who has somehow managed to put a stop order on all the wishes in the stars. If he isn’t stopped, nobody’s wishes will ever come true again…

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