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The Glorious Job Market

Jobs suck. Work sucks. Life sucks. But most importantly, having no money sucks. And a sucky attitude that leads to no one hiring you will most definitely suck. So I have compiled for thee a list of the jobs that one could get even if one is repeatedly rejected by potential employers. Get out of the unemployment line and into the green with these awesome jobs:

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I Should Just Be Rich

October 3, 2003 Business No Comments

Just about everybody on the planet has at one time or another dreamed about becoming incredibly wealthy. I’m fairly certain the only people to ever walk the Earth without having ever desired this have had their heads so far up their asses that they became entirely enveloped in their own intestines and subsequently died the most horrible death that could ever be, which, by the way, they were perfectly entitled to. I claim to be no different. Here’s the thing, I truly and honestly deserve it. I fear that the immense pressure placed on me by society to support myself will eventually crush my ever dwindling spirit and I will wind up like all the other witless brain dead fucks in this world known as “retirees.”

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The Newbs Style

August 18, 2002 Business No Comments

Fed up with the fashion obsessions of this “crazy mixed up world” of ours, I’ve decided to make my own brand of clothing simply to take advantage of this “fast paced, dog eat dog” planet in which we live. Note the incredible MS Paint renderings, I’m trying to look “underground.”

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