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Everyday, awaken

Shower, taken

Breakfast, bacon


Attire, wrinkled

Bus pass, crinkled

Donut, sprinkled


Train, missed

Feeling, triste

Coworkers, pissed

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How to be Cheap, Bored, and Boring

September 24, 2009 Business No Comments

I am not a man of frugality. Indeed, my miserly money skills are so beyond what it is to be frugal that I could be said to be cheap. The cheapest. In these slightly less difficult times than they recently were, I feel that what the world needs is help in maintaining and deepening the cheapness they may have recently discovered. If you follow my advice, not only will you not lose your house the next time the markets drop, you may find an increased tolerance for wearing the same clothes you had a decade ago.

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Office Sidekick Needed

Competition Number QX-63957-XR

Location: The Office

Job Classification: Office Sidekick. Permanent Full-Time

Openings: 1

Open Until Vacancy is Filled.

Salary Range: To Be Negotiated
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Office vs. Retail

April 25, 2006 Business 1 Comment

Those of us who haven’t spent our lives building up a resume replete with volunteer jobs in Somalia, fear the searing rays of Sol, and reject the menacing effort of physical labour, have basically two choices for summer jobs: office and retail. Now, often a retail job is a lot easier to get, but if you’ve already gotten a lot of experience at one, then you have a real shot at getting an office job. If you are in just such a position, then I am here to help make the decision a little easier. So, office or retail?

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Choosing a Career Path

February 25, 2006 Business No Comments

Many people these days are in the market of making money. Making money is straight forward, either you steal it, win it, or you get a job and earn it. Properly stealing money, as in doing it in such a fashion as to not get caught, is pretty tough to figure out. Attempting to win it is pretty risky too; most people will just go out and get a job. Deciding upon a proper job is not an easy task though. You see, pretty much anyone can go out and get a shitty retail or physical labour job, but those are never fun and are usually applied for out of desperation. No, I’m talking about a real career, sitting down and deciding what you want to do with the rest of your life.

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