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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition

May 8, 2010 Weskimo 4 Comments

Every year, I read Newbs’ list for the summer and think “none of that is going to happen…”  This time, something was different, though.  This year, I got some kind of seventeenth sense that some of it might actually get done!  I don’t know how, and for most of it, I most assuredly do not know why, but he’s going to do it!

This left me thinking, as I often do, of myself.  I also have goals for every summer, though never immortalized in list-form, I tend to have assorted vagaries and wispy notions floating around in my head that represent the list.  I don’t know if you folks have ever tried to accomplish a vagary before, but I’ll tell you, it’s still pretty damn vague when you’re done.  And you’re left with a confused feeling whenever you look back on the summer, wondering if you actually accomplished any of your lofty (if poorly defined) goals.

Well, no more! Behold! Concrete evidence of my goals this summer!  Take that, Weskimo’s directionally-challenged mind! Eat progress this summer!

    Site Goals:

  1. write a “Games in Review” article once a month
  2. write a Movie review once a month
  3. be a guest on the podcast once a month
  4. be a guest on “The Dungeon”
  5. be a guest reviewer in an SDGR video
  6. write a “Dungeons and Dragons Recap” article after playing in Newbs’s campaign
  7. do a Rock Band Stage Kit video after I get it working
  8. avoid seeing the shirtless photoshoot of Newbs and DMUSER
  9. officially create my Zombie Action Plan, and write an article about it
  10. have more articles than sulci
  11. get more hate comments
  12. complete a monthly update of this list

    Movies, TV, Books:

  13. give Lost a chance
  14. hate Lost properly, with knowledge of exact levels of suck
  15. have a movie night for Computer Science 101 (Hackers, Wargames and Antitrust)
  16. have a movie night for the Ninja Turtles movies (yeah, I have them on DVD, what?)
  17. participate in an all-day Star Wars marathon
  18. rewatch The Dark Knight and try to understand why people claimed it was the best movie ever
  19. see Master and Commander
  20. see Iron Man 2
  21. see the Aliens movies, possibly in a marathon setting
  22. see the Rambo movies, possibly in a marathon setting
  23. see Kick-Ass
  24. read The Silmarillion
  25. read Watchmen
  26. reread American Psycho
  27. watch all of The Big Bang Theory
  28. watch all of Venture Brothers

    Traditional Games:

  29. make a huge Magic: the Gathering order
  30. play in an MtG draft
  31. build a working artifact deck
  32. finalize decks with card protectors
  33. buy a magic box
  34. finish the RISK game
  35. play Twilight Imperium
  36. play Dominion
  37. play Puerto Rico
  38. have an honest to god Geek Night

    Video Games:

  39. buy and beat Army of Two: 40th Day
  40. beat Final Fantasy XIII
  41. beat Final Fantasy XII
  42. beat Mirror’s Edge
  43. beat Overlord
  44. beat Overlord II
  45. beat Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  46. replay the Suikoden 1,2, and 5
  47. routinely outplay Brentor in Call of Duty:MW2
  48. play Starcraft 2
  49. swear it off after Brentor feeds me his hatred in it

    Fitness and Self Improvement:

  50. defeat Newbs every week in Shufflingdead basketball
  51. buy a bike
  52. get Newbs to come to Calgary to go zip-lining
  53. run with my dog every morning before work
  54. try to get Newbs to run with me in the morning
  55. daily sit-ups
  56. daily free-weight sets
  57. participate in the Sonic 1K and Beer Gardens event
  58. regular horseback riding
  59. play squash every weekend


  60. barbeque once a week
  61. have a bonfire at my dad’s house
  62. have a party at my house
  63. force Newbs to create Geek Night 4.0
  64. attend Motion Notion
  65. attend Boonstock
  66. attend Sonic Boom
  67. attend DMUSER’s Birthday
  68. make DMUSER’s Birthday exceed previous levels of awesome
  69. force myself to enjoy karaoke
  70. use the word voracious in casual conversation
  71. pacify the lady friend with a camping trip
  72. pacify the lady friend by “baking her a fucking cake”
  73. day hike with my dog
  74. get an additional fence put in
  75. commit mass herbicide, murdering grass and weed alike, in an effort to clear my lawn of hostiles
  76. replace dead shrubs in front yard
  77. get a new cell phone
  78. change my cell phone plan to not suck for my new job
  79. learn more about wine so that I don’t suck at my new job
  80. clean out university email account
  81. load iTunes and my iPod/music collection onto my laptop
  82. organize music collection
  83. remove all NWA, Spinal Tap, Colin James, Simcoe Street Mob, and Red Hot Chilipeppers tracks
  84. get over my crush on Michelle Branch
  85. buy new music
  86. paint my bathroom
  87. buy decorations of some kind for my house
  88. replace and raise my basketball hoop
  89. buy blinds to further my designs of a Nerd Den in my basement
  90. get second stripper poster to balance the energy of the room (maybe a redhead)
  91. buy a proper TV stand for the Nerd Den
  92. buy real stereo and speakers for the Nerd Den
  93. jerk off in the Nerd Den
  94. fornicate in the Nerd Den
  95. play a drinking game to while watching the Transformers Season 1
  96. make my nemesis at McDonalds suffer
  97. expand my sexual repetoire
  98. get flowers for my lady friend, possibly in apology for the following two goals
  99. titty fuck Christina Hendricks
  100. two chicks at the same time

0/100 goals accomplished.
Strikethrough indicates goals I have accomplished.

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