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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition: June

July 2, 2010 Weskimo No Comments

Well, June’s over. Time to look at this month’s tally of accomplishments.  You can see my full summer to-do list here.

3. be a guest on the dungeon

Newbs and I talked about the Magic: The Gathering Eldrazi set and played some Rock n’ Roll Racing.

13. give Lost a chance

Oh, I gave it a chance. A whole season of it. Season 1 was watched in it’s entirety.

14. hate Lost properly, with knowledge of exact levels of suck

Hate achieved. This show makes no damn sense. And there are literally only three characters that are decently written.

18. rewatch The Dark Knight and try to understand why people claimed it was the best movie ever

Done. Might be crucified for saying this, but there was a lot of people fawning over the movie since Heath died. Still a good movie, but must disagree on “best movie ever” statement.

22. see the Rambo movies, possibly in a marathon setting

Fit this one in at the tail end of the month, but it was a great time. I consider myself enlightened and informed upon the character of John Rambo.

24. read the Silmarillion

Probably the most difficult of my accomplishments completed so far. This book is a chore to read. The last 100 pages aren’t that bad, but getting there without skimming is sure difficult. Too many things have four or five names to keep track of.

25. read Watchmen

Awesome. Even better as a graphic novel than as a movie.

26. reread American Psycho

My reward for finishing the Silmarillion. I love this book. It’s weird as hell though, and actually pretty disgusting.

38. have an honest to god Geek Night

Hell yes

40. beat Final Fantasy XIII

Hell yes.

63. force Newbs to create Geek Night 4.0

An adequate addition to the Geek Night series, complete with the 8-bit Rickroll. Nice work, Newbs.

67. attend DMUSER’s Birthday

Oh god. Singapore Slings + 2 kegs of beer= one hell of a night

76. replace dead shrubs in front yard

All done. Got some decent stuff in there to replace it all. Hope it all takes.

88. change the lock on my garage door

The lady friend broke a key off in the deadbolt like 6 months ago. Finally got around to replacing it so we have a more functional lock these days.

98. get flowers for my lady friend, possibly in apology for the following two goals

Done, but not for the reasons we’ve all been hoping for…

Very successful month. 15 more items knocked off the list. That puts me at 22/100 goals for the summer so far. Should be interesting to see what Newbs managed to come up with for the month…

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