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Summer 2010 To-Do List: Weskimo Edition: July

August 3, 2010 Weskimo No Comments

My calendar has stated that time has progressed along its projected course and it is now August. Though not really prepared to let go of July, I’m told this is out of my control. That means it’s time to tell you all what I’ve done in July. You can see my full summer to-do list here.

28. watch all of Venture Brothers
One of the best shows I’ve ever watched. A must-see for anyone with a sense of humor.

32. finalize decks with card protectors
Multiple Magic decks have been deemed fit for combat and been entered into card protectors.

64. attend Motion Notion
Four days of camping and techno. Holy hell what a good time.

68. make DMUSER’s Birthday exceed previous levels of awesome
Upon reflection of the previous month’s event of DMUSER’s Birthday I found that it did, at the very least, match previous levels of DMUSER’s Birthday awesome. Good show by all involved.

72. pacify the lady friend with a camping trip
Two mana later, the lady friend has been struck by Pacifism.

74. get an additional fence put in

75. commit mass herbicide, murdering grass and weed alike, in an effort to clear my lawn of hostiles
Round 1 of The Purge complete, looking much better out there. Will need another round to pick up some fugitives, however.

85. buy new music
Bought a few new albums by artists like Against Me and the Gaslight Anthem. Vampire Weekend’s new album was most disappointing though.

I’m starting to come to terms with the fact that some of these goals are total write-offs and now impossible to complete, for example, I missed Boonstock for DMUSER’s Birthday, and will miss the Sonic 1K because of other schedule conflicts as well. Also, replaying Suikoden 1,2, and 5 is probably a combined 90 hours of gaming, which I cannot see myself having the time to power through in the next month. But looking at the accomplishments of the summer, and what I plan to have done for August 31st, the summer is looking pretty successful.

This month put me up 8 more goals, bringing the total to 30/100.

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