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Summer ’10 To-Do List: August Update and Concluding Ruminations: Weskimo Edition

September 8, 2010 Weskimo 1 Comment

Here we are at the end, August is gone, summer is fading into fall and we are left with wondering where all of the time went. Well, I’m pleased to report that I was somewhat productive this summer, as shown by my List. Read ’em and weep.

1. write a Games in Review article once a month
Taken care of.

2. write a Movie review once a month
Also taken care of.

3. be a guest on the podcast once a month
Done, done, done, and done.

5. be a guest reviewer in an SDGR video
Reviewed Sega Superstars Tennis with Newbs.

7. do a Rock Band Stage Kit video after I get it working
Filmed and soon to be uploaded.

8. avoid seeing the shirtless photoshoot of Newbs and DMUSER
Seeing as this proposed abomination did not come into existence, I consider my goal complete.

10. have more articles than sulci
As of this To-Do List update, I have more articles submitted than sulci.

12. complete a monthly update of this list
Also complete.

16. have a movie night for the Ninja Turtles movies

19. see Master and Commander
Not overly impressed to be totally honest. Perhaps I’ll review it sometime and go into detail.

20. see Iron Man 2
Fun enough to watch, but pretty bare-bones on the story.

27. watch all of The Big Bang Theory
Thoroughly enjoyed.

29. make a huge Magic: the Gathering order
Wow, Magic costs a lot.

36. Play Dominion
Fiona and aparticularperson kicked my ass.

39. buy and beat Army of Two: 40th Day
Actually much easier without Brentor’s suck dragging me down.

48. play Starcraft 2
Done. Must remember to ask Blizzard ‘Why?’ sometime.

50. defeat Newbs every week in Shufflingdead basketball
Each week where Newbs was not on my team, he was crushed.

54. try to get Newbs to run with me in the morning
I asked several times, got a few ‘god, no’s. The attempt was there.

60. barbeque once a week
Close enough.

66. attend Sonic Boom
Pretty spectacular show.

70. use the word voracious in casual conversation

72. pacify the lady friend by “baking her a fucking cake”
I baked two!

79. learn more about wine so that I don’t suck at my new job
Did you guys know that a the term Spatlese refers to the level of a grape’s ripeness when it is picked? I do.

87. buy decorations of some kind for my house
Not completed to the degree I’d expected, but I’ll count it, a few additions to the walls.

97. expand my sexual repetoire

So, after tallying all points, including my 25 goals completed in August, my total number of To-Do List goals in Summer 2010 comes up to 55/100.

Biggest Successes

I had a rather surprising amount of success because of the list. There were definitely some actions I did specifically because the list existed. I found myself slightly more motivated to take action. I would say my greatest successes would be in regards to my increased contributions to the site (which took the most motivation, to be honest), some increased organization, and discovering my mad baking skillz.

Biggest Failures

Ask me for anything but time. By far my most disappointing section was the video games section. I just do not have the time I used to that I can put towards gaming. Also, several items were rendered impossible this summer, as I didn’t acquire a horse until mid July so it would be difficult to go horseback riding, I realized I didn’t have time to make buying a bike worthwhile, and I spent about a month on lower physical activity levels with an ankle injury. The biggest failure of the To-Do List this summer was definitely in making the list, as I made it as if I had no life.

I’ve also decided to remove from the list # 84, ‘get over my crush on Michelle Branch’ because I won’t even try to do that one. I could, but why would I want to?

Lessons for Next Year

Fewer time intensive goals, like so many movie nights, large lists of 40+ hour video games, and fewer totally unproductive goals. All in all, the To-Do List was fairly effective at encouraging productivity in my general actions of the summer. It was a useful and engaging tool that I will definitely be making use of again next year.

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