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The Dungeon’s Boss: Q2 2010 update

July 29, 2010 The Dungeon's Boss 1 Comment

With July almost over, it would seem I am once again long overdue for my quarterly update to my games collection database. That page now reflects my games bought, received, beaten, sold, and given away for the months of April, May, and June of 2010.

It was another remarkably poor quarter for me. I hopped from 71 unbeaten games to 82. Beaten games barely moved, going from 130 to 131. I did manage to complete one additional game, taking that total to 13.

Details after the jump.


bought – F-Zero Legend – April 4
bought, but had already beaten – Super Baseball 2020 – April 17
bought – Mortal Kombat II – April 17
bought – Blades of Steel – April 19
bought – WinBack – April 19
bought – Pokemon Puzzle League – April 19
received – SimAnt – April 24 (thanks sulci!)


bought – Mario Paint – May 10
bought – Pokemon Platinum – May 15
bought – Kirby Superstar Ultra – May 15
bought – Super Mario Galaxy 2 – May 25
bought – Tomb Raider II – May 25

gave away – Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 – May 11
beat Ace Attorney Investigations – May 12


bought – Personal Trainer walking – June 29
bought – WarioWare DIY – June 29

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