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The Dungeon’s Boss: Q1 2010 update, and some Games Played

May 10, 2010 The Dungeon's Boss No Comments

Already being over a month overdue for what is supposed to be a quarterly update to my games collection database, I have decided that it is now time to make that update. The database now reflects additions and subtractions made to my disturbingly/arousingly large games collection during the first three months of 2010. Since March, a significant number of changes have taken place, but I’ll have to refrain from adding those until the Q2 update.

Quarter 1 saw some incredible changes to my collection. I managed to beat-back the over-heavy presences of both unbeaten GBA games and RPGs. I found $1 copy Space Iinvaders for the Atari 2600 which, for the time being, has no system to be played on, and picked up some NES classics on the cheap, those being Lolo 3, Metal Gear, Blastermaster, and Hogan’s Alley.

Perhaps most significantly, I also picked up a PS1 (at the same thrift store I found the Atari game), along with my first PS1 game, WipeOut XL. I’m excited for another opportunity to check out how the “other half” was living, this time from the era when I was focused on blasting Russians in GoldenEye.

And now for a couple games played:

Ace Attorney Investigations: I picked up AAI near its launch, being a massive fan of the series, and excited for the opportunity to do a little more investigating in my anime lawyer games. So far, and I’m near the end at this point, I haven’t found that the game has supplied exactly what I had hoped for, although it is still enjoyable. It seems to just be me, but when it comes to Ace Attorney games, I enjoy the relaxing investigation portions more than the thinking-required courtroom portions.

Unfortunately for me, AAI seems to break up investigations with even more pseudo-courtroom moments, and prevents any significant wandering by generally keeping investigations to one room at a time. I’ve also found the writing to be a little less snappy than previous entries, with fewer of the pop culture references that excite me so much. Overall, it’s still got enough of the Ace Attorney charm to keep me happy, but I certainly feel the game could be better.

Golden Sun: I finally beat Golden Sun back in February, and had a surprisingly enjoyable go of it. I say surprisingly because, to be honest, I had never had much fun with the game previously. I made a number of attempts at the game over the years, and had just never been quite drawn in enough to push my way through to the end. Following a strong showing against the similarly problematic Final Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls, and coming around to the concept of portable RPGs as mindless grinds to play while I listen to podcasts, I decided to finally put this one to rest.

I quickly realized my biggest mistake had been to ignore the Djinni sidequests in the game, Djinni being creatures you must find and equip on your players to learn magic. Cheating massively, I printed out a list of Djinni locations and backtracked through the game to find all the ones I had missed. After that point, the game became significantly easier, and significantly more enjoyable. I’m now honour bound to pick up a copy of the sequel, Golden Sun: The Lost Age.

Quarter 1 2010 saw the following changes:

January 2010:

beat LoZ: Spirit Tracks – Jan. 10
beat Final Fantasy II – Jan 17
beat Final Fantasy – Jan 31
beat No More Heroes 2 – Jan 31

bought Space Invaders – Jan 12
bought No More Heroes 2 – Jan 26


beat Golden Sun – Feb 7

bought Lolo 3 – Feb 3
bought Metal Gear – Feb 3
bought Blastermaster – Feb 3
bought Hogans Alley – Feb 3

sold Bionicle Heroes – Feb 3
sold GT Pro Series – Feb 3


bought – WipeOut XL – March 3
bought – Final Fantasy III – March 3
bought – The World is Not Enough – March 3
bought – Wario World – March 4
bought – Ace Attorney Investigations – March 14
bought – Kirby’s Dream Land March 14
bought – Blast Corps – March 17
bought – Stunt Racer FX – March 17

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