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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Resident Evil 4, Personal Trainer Walking, a pile of SNES games

August 31, 2010 The Dungeon's Boss No Comments

With summer winding down, and me in a desperate need to accomplish as many goals as possible, its time to crank out another Dungeon’s Boss update on the games I’ve been playing lately.

Resident Evil 4: Specifically, the Wii Edition. I played through this game some time ago on GameCube, so I already knew how spectacular it was. Having said that, I didn’t feel all that compelled to play through it again after I lost the save data and was unable to play through on the equivalent of New Game +. Already knowing I was a fan of the Wii’s change in controls, and suddenly becoming aware of how easy it is to grab Wii save files off the internet and use them in my own games brought me around for another go.

With everything unlocked, and Leon overpowered to shit, RE4 is a completely different experience. I love the opportunity to blast through enemies that gave me so much trouble before. Now I can enjoy the story and atmosphere in a relaxed, much less agitated, state.

Personal Trainer Walking: Probably the most enjoyable so-called “non-game” I’ve ever experienced. This is more of a software app bundled with a couple step counters. I’m loving all the stat tracking, as well as the ever-so-wise character who guides me through the mystical journey of walking a lot. The guilt he provides is a constant source of inspiration.

StarFox, Rock n’ Roll Racing, Aladdin, etc.: I hope it’s no secret that I’m hard at work on The Definitive 50 SNES Games video series here at Shufflingdead. As such, I’m in a constant state of research, reading about, playing, and bargain hunting for classic games. It’s already been an eye-opening trip to revisit the SNES catalog I loved so dearly as a child. Some games hold up significantly better than others (Aladdin is still awesome, Stunt Race FX significantly less than I remember).

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