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The Dungeon’s Boss: Games Played: Galaxy 2, Muramasa, Pokémon

June 26, 2010 The Dungeon's Boss No Comments

Super Mario Galaxy 2: I have no time. Between working a full time job and this site, it’s amazing I find any time for gaming at all. Having said that, when I can sneak in a few moments for my favourite media, my first choice is certainly this game. Having re-played Galaxy to its completion in anticipation of this game’s release, it’s a constant amazement to me the newness exhibited in Galaxy 2. Each new galaxy, with its unique twist, new mechanic, or brilliant homage, pulls me forward, and has me asking over and over again: they can’t have anything left for the next Mario, can they?

Muramasa: Spoiler alert: this game’s got an SDGR review coming up. Another spoiler: we’re very positive about it. Muramasa is a joy. From the beauty of its art-style to the simplicity of its beat-em-up play, the game never fails to entertain. Even in its bizarrely long backtracking sessions, the game maintains an hypnotic draw.

Pokémon Platinum: Garage sales are simultaneously my best friend and worst enemy. They lure me in with the hope of bargains and hidden treasures, and all too often let me down with absences of games, or, worse yet, abundances of games to spend money on. I picked up Kirby Super Star Ultra and Pokémon Platinum at one earlier this summer. I had to get Pokémon out of curiosity, I hadn’t played one since the GameBoy Color era, and it seemed time to finally check if the sluggish menus had been fixed. Of course they had. Platinum maintains the simple design of the old games I remember so well, and still finds room for all the conveniences of modern game design.

Stay tuned for another Dungeon’s Boss in a couple weeks when I update the database for Q2 2010.

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