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Summer 2010 To-Do List

May 3, 2010 Newbs 7 Comments

The summer of 2009 saw me run a certain To-Do List here at Shufflingdead.com, and to great success. Pursuing the list led me to all kinds of fun adventures, ranging from the simple act of cackling like a comic book villain, to the staggering accomplishment of writing every day, and yet it did so much more, as well. I began the summer of 2009 lethargic and unmotivated, in fact, I was leading a largely sedentary life. By the end of the summer, I was employed, slightly physically active, and on my way to taking Shufflingdead.com to the dizzying heights of near-success we are at today.

I concluded the summer of ’09 promising to annualize the list and bring it back for 2010. I’m a lot busier heading into the summer of 2010, largely thanks to last year’s work, and undertaking this endeavour will certainly be difficult, but that’s exactly the sort of exciting challenge that define these kinds of lists.

Please note: there are repeats from last year, some because I never got them done, others because I’m excited to try them again. Instead of the weekly updates I ran last year, I will only be posting monthly updates for 2010, one each in the early days of June, July, August, and September.

    Site Goals:

  1. write a monthly update for this list
  2. write monthly “The Dungeon’s Boss” updates
  3. write a “Video Game Character Analysis: Furry Abominations” article
  4. write a “Nerd Hovel” article

  5. write more “Cosplay Idol” articles with sulci
  6. do a Rock Band Stage Kit video review
  7. start a new video series for the site, and run one episode a week
  8. clean out folders of story source links

  9. build or purchase some form of a backdrop for videos

  10. figure out lighting for our videos

  11. buy a microphone for podcasting
  12. 400 YouTube subscribers
  13. 200 Facebook fans
  14. 100 Twitter followers
  15. vigorously promote site
  16. increase podcast listenership to the point that we have regular feedback
  17. run four updates a day, with only half of them being mine
  18. average 1154 daily hits in June
  19. do a content swap with at least one other website
  20. make enough money from the site to “quit my day job”
  21. do a shirtless photo-shoot with DMUSER, and hold a contest on the site to give away the results

    Movies, TV, and Books:

  22. buy and watch the complete Daria TV series
  23. see The Expendables
  24. see Resident Evil: Afterlife
  25. finish watching Cowboy Bebop
  26. participate in an all-day Star Wars marathon

  27. see Twilight: Eclipse – know thy enemy!
  28. see Iron Man 2
  29. watch all of Freaks and Geeks
  30. watch a TV series of my lady friend’s choosing
  31. read Mona Lisa Overdrive
  32. read The Subtle Knife
  33. read The Amber Spyglass
  34. read Watchmen
  35. read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
  36. read Blade of the Immortal
  37. read god is not Great
  38. read Your Money or Your Life

    Traditional Games:

  39. make a huge Magic: the Gathering order
  40. build a “garbage” draft cube for MtG

  41. play in an MtG draft

  42. buy MtG Deck Builder’s Toolkits with my lady friend
  43. decorate my MtG box
  44. play D&D
  45. create and run another D&D campaign

    Video Games:

  46. buy and beat Super Mario Galaxy 2
  47. buy and beat Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

  48. replay Donkey Kong Country 3
  49. buy and replay Resident Evil 4 for Wii
  50. replay No More Heroes 2
  51. own Final Fantasies I through VI, beating the ones I haven’t already
  52. beat Final Fantasy VII
  53. own all Ace Attorney games, beating the ones I haven’t already

  54. get an SNES Mouse
  55. attend a video games media event
  56. meet game creator legend Shigeru Miyamoto
  57. steal his powers
  58. best Reggie in a one-on-one battle of masculinity
  59. buy, play, and “beat” Personal Trainer Walking

  60. earn 600+ Club Nintendo points by June 30, and get something cool with them

    Fitness and Self Improvement:

  61. learn Japanese

  62. demolish all comers in Shufflingdead basketball
  63. finish learning how to ride a bike
  64. finish learning how to drive/get license
  65. play Jai Alai
  66. participate in free running
  67. try zorbing
  68. get in good enough shape to do the above three goals with my lady friend
  69. go for an actual early-morning jog like real runners do
  70. learn how to do laundry
  71. learn how to cook
  72. go walking with Dubious
  73. learn how to swim
  74. attempt yoga


  75. move out
  76. get a cell phone
  77. create a cheap, easy, and healthy diet for independent living
  78. take lady friend on mystical oddeseysyesy (sp?)
  79. learn how to spell “odyssey”

  80. jerk off
  81. attend Animethon
  82. write every day
  83. find another reason to say “I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe”
  84. clean out university email account
  85. perform stand-up comedy
  86. visit Japan
  87. sing “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love, and Understanding” in a Japanese karaoke box

  88. get a frame for my picture with Leonard Nimoy
  89. get frames for pictures of Miyamoto, Reggie, and Iwata – the ultimate ironic triptych
  90. do at least one drawing
  91. dance and drink and screw, quite possibly because there’s nothing else to do
  92. get a dakimakura
  93. hold a stupid fake wedding with a random nerdy physical object and get internet famous for it
  94. keep nose hair trimmed
  95. attend another Shakespeare play
  96. start an internet holy war between Sonic and Dragon Ball fans

  97. replace the burned out light bulb behind me
  98. get flowers for my lady friend, possibly in apology for the following two goals
  99. titty fuck Christina Hendricks
  100. two chicks at the same time

16/100 goals accomplished.
Strikethrough indicates goals I have accomplished.

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  1. Zed says:

    If you end up going to Japan, I can give you a basic “low down” on how to get around, etc. I’ve been there :D

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