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Another One (Bites the Dust)

January 18, 2006 DMUSER No Comments

Well here we are at another Wednesday, and though Newbs has seemed to be able to update, I have not.

This has to do with two things:

One – My First Aid course. Why the fuck do people have to take a course about “First Aid”. The entire course is invalidated by the fact that every chance they get they tell you “It doesnt’ really matter what you know, or do…just call 911 and try to make the person comfortable. As long as you know some basic CPR, you’re good.”

This makes no fucking sense to me. If I’m going to spend 15 hours of my evenings learning a skill that I could learn in about 10 minutes, I should damn well be getting paid for it.

Two – Krondomatic is in China.

Yes. You heard me. Krondomatic is in China. She decided roughly a week and a half ago that she was going halfway around the world. This has caused me unheard of amounts of stress.

You may laugh. Even scorn me for my concern. And though I know it will be most likely completely uneventful, at least in the horrible plane-crashing “Alive!” kind of uneventful; I challenge any one of you to have your woman go halfway around the planet without you, and not be at least a little worried.

Anyway, enough excuses, I’ll have a game review or something up for next Wednesday unless my house burns down and the world ends.

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