Question of the Week: What is the Best Christmas Present You’ve Ever Received?

December 24, 2010 Question 2 Comments

Image: Adapted from Christmas, 2008 in NH by doortoriver under a CC-BY license.

Christmas is supposed to be all about giving. Or some religious icon’s fake birthday or something. Really, it’s about giving.

But today I want to talk about receiving gifts. What is the best Christmas present you’ve ever gotten? Was it the SNES you got from your parents in the 3rd grade? Was it the ridiculous grandpa sweater that fed a sweater habit that you just can’t kick? Or was it 60 Litres of Pepsi your friends gave you to mock you?

ShufflingDead wants to know! And if you feel like sharing your worst gift too, we’re all ears.

Michael C. Hall is Comin’ to Town

December 23, 2010 News No Comments

Image: Dexter promotional image. Copyright Showtime.

Here’s something I meant to share with you all a while ago. Earlier this month, Michael C. Hall, star of the TV series Dexter, appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s late night show.

Fans of the show will have a Dextergasm over this little song, and non-fans will probably be just as creeped out. Enjoy the melodious tones of serial killer Dexter’s calming voice. They might be the last you hear…if you were bad this year.

How to deal with the holidays during a zombie apocalypse

December 22, 2010 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from Happy Halloween !-1 by Bob Jagendorf under a CC-BY license.

Everyone knows that during a Zombie Apocalypse, the undead are everywhere, all the time. So how can you possibly be expected to have yourself a merry little Christmas with walking corpses spreading holiday fear?

Finally, a video guide to surviving the holidays AND the Zombpocalypse. These tips could be the difference between terrible death and living to survive the Zombie Apocalypse New Years.

Magic Card of the Week: Craw Wurm

December 20, 2010 Magic No Comments

Image: Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Look at this big fucker. Just a giant, dragon-faced, forest-eating bastard, this guy.

The Craw Wurm emanates an aura of awesome so powerful, he’s been reprinted 12 times. A true classic of green battlefield supremacy, a Craw Wurm is always looked upon with fear, and just so that you remember that you are afraid, in all of his various printings, his flavor text never changes, explaining why you are afraid.

“The most terrifying thing about the Craw Wurm is probably the horrible crashing sound it makes as it speeds through the forest. This noise is so loud it echoes through the trees and seems to come from all directions at once.”

Call upon the Craw Wurm when you want to deal 6 damage to something and not much else.

Question of the Week: What Do You Want For Christmas?

December 17, 2010 Question 1 Comment

Image: Adapted from christmas tree 2004 by scottfeldstein under a CC-BY license.

That’s the million dollar question this time of year, isn’t it? I can hardly talk to my family without being bombarded by queries of how they can buy my continuing love for the next 364 days.

It’s tough for me to just ask for something for Christmas these days. I’m older, working, and have my own place. I buy the low to moderate expense items that I want. Yes, there are still lots of things I want or need, like a new phone, iPod, or even a new TV stand. But I find it difficult to ask someone to buy things like this for me, because I have to live with their choice, rather than my own. Thus the invention of the gift card, I suppose.

But many people are uncomfortable giving close friends and relatives gift cards, preferring to endeavor to find a gift perfectly suited and carefully chosen, to show the recipient the thought and consideration they have for them. Then some last-minute stress induced frustration kicks in and you go buy a gift card anyway.

So, ShufflingDead readers, make it easy on your loved ones. Tell us what you want for Christmas. I can in no way promise to convey the message to your desired audience, but Christmas is about wishes or something, right?

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