Question of the Week: iPhone Vs. Android

January 7, 2011 Question 3 Comments

Image: Adapted from iPhone vs Android by nrkbeta under a CC-BY-SA license. Yes, you can similarly share alike!

Recently, I’ve been hearing a lot of discussion/rage/rants regarding the debatable advantages of some of the new ‘in’ things; namely the iPhone and the Android systems for cellular phone usage.

Personally, I’m loathe to weigh in on either side. I just got finished hating the Blackberry (commonly known among all addicted users as a “Crackberry”) and really don’t need to pick up more handhelds to be disgusted by on principle.

So what do you all think? Is Steve Jobs still a maniacal monster up in his fortress made of stacked 100 dollar bills? Does he have the ‘it’ thing for 2011? Or is he desperately clinging to a format that he has managed to convince enough loudmouthed consumers to swear by profusely, but is technologically inferior?

So, ShufflingDead readers, tell me what you think. iPhone or Android?

Magic Card of the Week: Elvish Archdruid

January 3, 2011 Magic No Comments

Image: Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

This wrinkly old elf is ShufflingDead’s Magic Card of the Week this week, as well as the first Elf to be named Magic Card of the Week. The reason: Newbs hates Elves. That’s right, Newbs is a racist.

Elvish Archdruid rings in at the moderate cost of three mana, but makes a welcome addition to any Elf-themed deck. +1/+1 to all other Elves is fantastic, and pair that with a couple of the Elvish Champions that I’m sure you already have in your Elf deck, and he’s a 4/4 in his own right.

This guy can really kick your casting into overdrive. Using his ability gives you an instant influx of mana, letting you lay down foresty fierceness all over the fucking place.

Question of the Week: What Was Your Best Moment of 2010?

December 31, 2010 Question No Comments

Image: Adapted from Happy New Year! by meddygarnet under a CC-BY license.

This is it: 2010 is over as of midnight tonight. I know, I know, phrases like “where did the year go?” “OMG, it’s 2011!” and “I’m never drinking again…” will no doubt be assaulting you via the social networks of Facebook, Twitter, and any other site you happen to visit over the next few days. Enjoy that.

Upon reflecting this past year, I feel like I’ve accomplished a decent amount of stuff. No doubt you managed to gain some XP through the many moments you participated in. But I just need you to pick one and tell me about it. Tell me your proudest moment of this past year. Don’t tell me your New Year’s Resolutions, don’t tell me your goals for this next year, I’m probably barely interested. Just tell me one thing: What Was Your Best Moment of 2010?

Fight Club Panda!

December 30, 2010 News No Comments

Image: Photography by Teresa Nasty.

Performance artist Nate Hill has taken to the streets in New York City to clean up attitudes. When he dons his possessed panda costume, he becomes impervious to pain. But with great power comes great responsibility.

Hill uses this power to let frustrated citizens vent on his poor panda persona (fursona). He bounces through the streets like a boxing champ, challenging everyday people like you and me to hit him as hard as they can.

“Hit me. Hit more hard,” he urged a passersby on a freezing afternoon at busy Union Square. “You know you’re angry, you were angry this morning.”

HillPanda is generously donating his time and body for about six months on this project, which I applaud. But this type of frustration therapy needs to be watched closely, because movies tell me this can only lead to creating secret mayhem societies,  having Brad Pitt as your imaginary friend, and kicking your own ass.

Source: Edmonton Journal

Magic Card of the Week: Wall of Omens

December 27, 2010 Magic No Comments

Image: Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

Nothing better to stop your opponent’s hordes than a good ol’ fashioned wall. This week’s Magic Card of the Week, and the last one of 2010, is Wall of Omens from the Rise of the Eldrazi set.

If you look around for some other walls, you’ll notice they’re usually just a damage dumpster, high toughness, but low returning damage. And they typically come at a cost of 3+ mana.

Wall of Omens is a hero wall, delivering some moderate battlefield control with 4 toughness for only 2 mana, great for putting the brakes on an early rush. Aside from keeping the enemy’s filthy claws off of your magical person, Wall of Omens allows you to draw a card when it comes into play to keep up the offensive. Launch attacks from behind Wall of Omens and your rivals will despair in the face of your ivory wall of frustration.

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