Question of the Week: Are Polls Easier Than Questions?

February 4, 2011 Question 1 Comment

Are Polls Easier Than Questions?

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Image: Adapted from Telephone Pole by Nicholas Smale under a CC-BY license.

We’ve decided to switch things up a little here at ShufflingDead this week. I want to know if clicking a button and voting on a poll is easier than answering a question with your own words.

So, this week, the Question of the Week has become the Poll of the Week, the test becoming multiple choice instead of long answer. Does the internet wish to speak to me with numbers instead of words? Tough shit, internet, because I don’t speak binary.

What do you all think?

Games in Review #6 – Final Fantasy XIII

February 1, 2011 Games 1 Comment

Image: Final Fantasy XIII box art. Square Enix.

Welcome back to Games in Review! Today we’ll be reviewing Final Fantasy XIII for the Xbox360. It is also available on the PlayStation 3.


The game starts out in a world called Cocoon, a pinnacle of civilization when compared to the lawless, monster-infested boogeyman world of Pulse. The citizenry of Cocoon wet their pants at the mere mention of a Pulse invasion. Apparently there was a huge war way back. Whatever.

The story begins with a mass deportation being enforced on anyone from Cocoon who came anywhere near a Pulse Fal’Cie (really powerful magical bastards). The heroes of the game are suitably pissed, as most are on that list, so they eventually join up in a resistance against the Sanctum (Cocoon’s government).

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Magic Card: Traumatize

January 31, 2011 Magic No Comments

Image: Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

One of the most devastating mill cards I’ve ever encountered, Traumatize is this week’s Magic Card of the Week.

Traumatize takes five mana to cast, but is well worth the cost. The best way to make sure your opponent can’t cast his spells against you is to make sure he never has the opportunity to draw them in the first place.

Dropping a traumatize will hand out a serious beatdown to your rival’s spell cache, severely limiting his ability to bring the fight back your way.

It’s also a must-have for anyone trying to ‘deck’ their enemies. Waving goodbye to half their spells will aid you greatly in embarrassing your opponent by defeating him without even having to dirty your hands by dealing a single damage.

Question: Sharing Time?

January 21, 2011 Question No Comments

Image: Adapted from drinking beer by schuey under a CC-BY license.

So after an evening of Facebook status trolling, Starcraft II custom games, and banana bread flavored beer (it’s as absolutely delicious as it sounds), I still have no real question in mind for this week.

This week’s question is going to be less about me pushing my opinions at you with my often largely biased and rather ridiculous hyperbole. This week is all about you. Yes, you, specifically you. Tell me something about you that I don’t already know. Go on, it’s just me and the collective hive mind of the internet here, no need to be shy. What is one thing that I don’t know about you?

Magic Card: Preeminent Captain

January 17, 2011 Magic 1 Comment

Image: Copyright Wizards of the Coast.

This week’s Magic Card is Preeminent Captain. This bastard can be key to battlefield supremacy, and in handing out an overwhelming beatdown.

Toss this diminutive dick into your all-Soldier deck and he’ll help you wreck some bitches in short order.

Three mana gets you a 2/2 First Strike creature, strong enough in its own right. But this hobbit brings friends. Like Samwise Gamgee. Yeah, he’ll bring Sam along for the ride, and they’ll tear up giant spiders and shit.

Or he’ll bring along the entire Minas Tirith army. Yeah, that one. Each time freaking Pippin here attacks, he drags another Soldier out of your hand, puts him into play charging the gates of Mordor right alongside him.

Pretty heroic, hey?

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