Question of the Week: Do You Like Motion-Based Video Games?

November 26, 2010 Question No Comments

Gaming companies the world over have been jumping all up and down over the irritating fad of motion-sensitive video games. Wii, Kinect, Move, whatever, they’re reaching out to an expanding market as consumer demand seems to do nothing but increase for these products. But does it really?

I maintain that there is a small resistance movement present in the world, those still in possession of their faculties and sanity, that reject the supposed awesomeness of motion-sensitive games, and want nothing to do with this part of the swirling miasma of gimmicky gaming.

So this week’s Question: Do You Like Motion-Based Video Games?

Image: Microsoft.

Spies > Sith Lords

November 26, 2010 News No Comments

A London Auction of movie memorabilia has inadvertently answered a long-asked question for world wide web. Which is greater: Spies or Sith Lords? The answer appears to be Spies.

An air pistol held by Sean Connery in a poster to promote From Russia With Love (released in 1963) has sold for £277,250. This is astoundingly above the auction estimate of £15,000-20,000.

Meanwhile, a complete Darth Vader costume, possibly the first to be sold at auction, failed to sell at all. Force Choke on that, George Lucas.

Barely worth mentioning, but another ‘keepsake’ that failed to sell at the auction was a pair of shorts worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman III. This is obviously because nobody likes the DC Universe. You can bet that Patrick Stewart’s wheelchair from X-men would have sold without a problem.

Source: BBC
Image: Poster from From Russia With Love. Copyright United Artists/Danjaq LLC.

Trust Trusts Bruce Willis

November 24, 2010 News 1 Comment

Mr. Korben Dallas himself is set to star in advertisements for a bank in Russia. Willis is replacing actor/weightlifter Vladimir Turchinsky who, at the age of 46, died last year.

Trust Bank has hung up posters around streets in Moscow with John McClane’s mug accompanying the slogan “Trust is just like me, but a bank”. Clearly, Trust is a badass. They can probably keep your money safe. Trust can launch cars at helicopters.

Source: BBC
Image: Adapted from comiccon2010-6982.jpg by YGX under a CC-BY license.

Magic Card of the Week: Echo Mage

November 22, 2010 Magic No Comments

Further confirming my opinion of leveling creatures being WotC-sanctioned cheating, here we have Echo Mage.

This dickhat here has true potential to royally fuck up any game. After being leveled, all you need is the usual control deck double blue to fire any spell for a second time. After a little more leveling, you get to copy the original spell twice. This includes any of your own bitchy blue control spells as well as your opponent’s. And to top it all off, for a wizard, he is pretty damn tough with a toughness of 3-5 and requires serious effort for removal. But then he just copies your removal spells anyway.

That’s right folks, the days of honorable beasts, zombies, and elephants duking it out is forever over,  Magic has fallen into a hate-spiral of trickery. If you meet anyone playing with Echo Mage in their deck, tell them, from me, that they are a penis.

Image: Wizards of the Coast, Inc.

Take a Mustache Ride

November 19, 2010 News No Comments

Women everywhere have rallied behind the cause. In support of Movember’s goal of eradicating prostate cancer, women the world over have pledged to show men sporting Movember ‘staches that just because they sacrificed respectability this month, they don’t have to throw their sex life on the chopping block too.

You’re not a whore if it’s for charity.

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