BREAKING: The internet is real life

January 29, 2011 News No Comments

Image: Adapted from Anonymous: DC by lewisfrancis under a CC-BY license.

Members of Anonymous are quickly discovering that fucking with corporations online can get you in trouble with real world governments interested in keeping those companies happy.

You may remember that companies like Amazon, MasterCard, and VISA were severing their ties with profoundly awesome secret-spilling site WikiLeaks back in December. Members of Anonymous made an effort to have their voices heard by launching DDoS attacks against those sites.

Rather than accepting these efforts as a round of online protest, those companies, along with the FBI decided they were actually “cyber attacks.” Thursday saw the FBI “executed” over 40 search warrants in their investigation of these events. British police arrested five fellows the same day.

Reports of the crackdown include agents kicking in doors, pointing guns, and confiscating computer equipment.

sulci’s Photoblog: Newbs as Commander William T. Riker

December 28, 2010 sulci No Comments

sulci here. Welcome to my new photoblog at ShufflingDead. Photography is my passion, but being a part of team ShufflingDead and an ardent MMOer means I’m also on the pulse of geek culture. I’m going to use this space to post the photos I take which happen to intersect these two worlds.

You can check out much more of my photography work on my Flickr page.

First up, ShufflingDead editor-in-chief Newbs in his cosplay attempt at Commander William T. Riker of Star Trek: The Next Generation fame. We didn’t have much in the way of props (or even a decent costume) so much of what you see in these photos is the result of my Photoshop skills. The beard, however, is all real.

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