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Top Ten Time Wasting Feeds to add to your RSS Reader at Work

April 5, 2010 Technology 4 Comments

Shufflingdead.com contributor and video editor Sulci, hard at work.

For those of us blessed with a computer and the internet at work, there is nothing more satisfying than having a few spare moments to scroll through the day’s important updates on the old RSS feeder. Today’s News stories, Youtube videos and that weekly update from that one webcomic that you would never remember to check otherwise, all ready for your viewing pleasure.

These critical updates maybe not be enough to keep you busy throughout your working day, however. So to keep the day interesting, sometimes we have to fill in the gaps, so to speak, and fill out our feeders with other interesting content.

I have compiled, for your reference and potential time wasting pleasure, a list of some of the feeds that I can’t believe I read everyday. But that I might as well read, because that way, when I check every 5 minutes during my busy day, I’ll at least have something to read.

  1. Awkward Boners: Full of pictures of awkward boners. Seriously. Pretty safe work. I imagine that a few of them are staged, but a lot of them are just snapshots that look quite authentic. Classy.
  2. There, I Fixed It: Sometimes stupid, sometimes quite innovative… Mind blowing, breathtaking DIY photos of everything and anything. Instructions not included.
  3. People Of Wal~Mart: Sometimes this site seems to just be a collection of overweight people shopping at Wal~Mart, but sometimes there are some genuinely weird and awkward moments captured in Wal~Marts all across the United States.
  4. Crazy Things Parents Say: Just like the title implies, its a collection of funny quotes that kids post after hearing horrifying things that their parents talk about.
  5. Cute Overload: The definitive website for cute animal pictures and videos. This site has been around forever and even has its own line of merchandise. I should know, I own the 365 page calender.
  6. Black & WTF: This site is a real gem. On it you’ll find crazy black and white photographs, both new and old. Almost all of them will make you take a second look. Just a warning however, some of the photos are not safe for work. If you have a job like mine, they are safe.
  7. Cracked.com: The ultimate time wasting list site. Not only will you manage to waste hours and hours going through these lists, you will also learn things which can help you make small chat with your fellow bored co-workers.
  8. Fail Blog: If someone or something has failed and somehow it was recorded on tape or video, you know you can find it here.
  9. Know Your MEME: Another hidden jewel of the interwebs, Know Your Meme will educate you in all things meme, ensuring that you will always be in the know and that you will understand why people are laughing when topics like snorting cinnamon on Youtube or “Where the Hell is Matt?” come up.
  10. Texts From Last Night and F My Life: TFLN and FML are probably two of the most popular RSS feeds you’ll find in the workplace. The biggest advantage of these feeds is how often new content is added. I’m sure a lot of the stories that get posted are fake, but a lot of them are pretty funny. But seriously, updated all the time, for you 5 minute checkers.

Well folks, that about wraps up the list. There is just one more, highly secret, RSS to mention here: the Shufflingdead feed. That’s where you’ll find daily updates on all the most important stories, not to mention the best writing on the internet.

I would like to thank my charming and internet savvy co-workers for providing most of these links, making my job a much more satisfying place to be.

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  1. URMOM says:

    SULCI – UR so lucky to have internet at work… sadly, I do not ¯\(º_o)/¯ but I certainly will add these to my list of daily time wasters – along with ur excellent flickr updates :)

  2. […] Shufflingdead. com Beitragszahler und Videoeditor Sulci, hart an der Arbeit. Für diejenigen von uns Arbeit gesegnet mit einem Computer und dem Internet, gibt es nichts Schöneres, als mit ein paar freie Momente Feeder blättern Sie durch den Tag ist wichtig Updates auf den alten RSS. Today's News Geschichten, Youtube Videos und wöchentliches Update [. . . ] URL des Original-Artikel http://shufflingdead.com/articles/technology/top-ten-time-wasting-feeds-to-add-to-your-rss-reader-at… […]

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