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Humans Have Inter-Species Breeding Fantasies

April 14, 2002 Society No Comments

A common attribute with many humans is the need to dominate animals. Whether it’s fondling a cow, partaking in bondage with a horse, or forcing a defenseless dog into unspeakable acts, humans have a long and storied past of abusing those repulsive things we share the planet with.

In ancient times, it was common practice to train several creatures, dogs, horses and goats quite often, to accompany hunters on extended trips. These animals were hearty and could survive harsh weather. They were used in the place of women, the uneducated cave man felt women couldn’t “handle” the great out doors. After a few years it was the sixties, women burned their “upper body support” and bought whips, forcing the males to recognize them as equals and so animals became unnecessary. However, the desire for animals had become part of the human identity and the lust remained.

This guy eats and breathes cow.

It is a well known fact that those in our world with cow fetishes (you know, those guys who own thousands of cows) have been forced to live on huge plots of land with their precious “beasts of burden.” Some might think that this shows humans are slowly trying to get rid of their bestiality mind sets but it is clearly nothing more than a cover.

While those with cow fetishes live far from contact with society their counter parts, the dog fuckers, have free reign in the city. It is often said that a dog is a mans best friend. This is because in many groups, you are not considered a “man” until you fuck a bitch.

Huge numbers of people, all over the world, own pets. It’s not just dogs either, it’s cats, small pigs, birds, fish, whatever suits their fancy. Pet owners are allowed to carry out what they refer to as “unconditional love.”

A child expresses her perverted fantasies.

You might assume anyone who actually performs such acts with animals must look like a serial killer or some other group discriminated against. False! Most often it is innocent looking girls, old ladies, and high school nerds. Young girls continuously beat and harass their pets until they are reduced to groveling shells of their former selves. Old ladies, who have been committing repulsive acts for decades, are by far the worst of the three groups. Old womenses have been having sex with animals and humans alike for such a long time they are mostly desensitized to more standard practices. They will force an animal into a submissive role and commit acts too monstrous to be mentioned here. High school nerds have pets because they lack the social skills required to befriend members of their own species. Nerds are infamous for their being “horny,” the only outlet for their cravings is a poor, defenseless fish.

Pets are often referred to as “family pets,” this is because the most sinister of all animal species, humans, freely share their furry little bed buddies as a final act of humiliation against the creatures of this world who lack the intelligence to senselessly beat something until it does what is wanted of it.

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