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Interview with Micah Kanters

September 10, 2004 Entertainment 4 Comments

Today I would like to welcome our most honored guest, Micah Kanters. For those of you not in the know, that would, in fact, be THE Zoom Zoom kid from the Mazda commercials. None other than the leader of the revolution himself. Let’s get this interview going.

I will admit, Mr. Kanters, I was initially unsure if I could believe it was really you. This site was what convinced me. It would seem you have a sister! Care to comment on the horror that is having a sibling?

Well imagine having someone who knew everything about you, and wouldn’t hesitate to tell your most embarassing moments to people. Only then can you understand my pain. However, just between you and me that perticular problem will soon be taken care of (evil laugh).

Apparently you worship cheese. Now I like feta as much as the next guy, but what drives you to honor it so?

Every great leader has to have some motivation, for most it is the quest for world domination, I hoever felt that that would be too cliche. So instead I thought about my favorite thing in the world, Cheese, and used that as motivation. You see world domination is only the means to an end. The end being me controlling every piece of cheese in the known universe.

All right, since I’m sure no one has any clue, just how old are you anyway?

I’m 15 but I was 10 when the commerical was shot

What kind of schooling are you in right now? Do you find much time for acting?

I’m currently attending a boarding school of sorts, called the Illinois Math and Science Acadamy or IMSA. SO I don’t have much time for acting. But have no fear, one day I will make my triumphant return.

So how do you do with the ladies? Do you just have to whisper “zoom zoom” and they’re all over you or what?

What can I say, the ladies love the zoom-zoom. My devilish good looks and sexy body help too, but overall it’s all about the Mazda commercial. But in all seriousness, That commercial has done more for me romantically, than anything I could have ever dreamed of.

What is your system of choice for gaming? What are some of your favorite games? Remember, your position in The Alliance hinges on this one!

I’m a PS2 and PC guy, my favorite games are Counter-Strike, Ratchet and Clank Going Comando, Unreal Tournament 2004, Civilization III, and of course GTA: Vice City

Celebrity politicians are all the rage these days. Any interest in running for political office? What would you do to take down the enemies of The Alliance in this position?

Right now I am focusing on building more underground support for the alliance, but someday, I will be president of this fine nation. And when I am, I will first give all of my initial supporters cushy goverment jobs. I will then enslave all who resist my election, and finally take over the world.

From what I gather you live in Illinois. Chicago is in Illinois, this is where the tv show “Family Matters” took place. Steve Urkel is the man. Agree/disagree? Come to think of it… he liked cheese quite a bit too.

Agree, in fact Steve Urkel was the man who inspired my me to get into acting

A man cannot be a car spokesman forever. Plan on furthering your acting career or do you have other ideas?

Yes, unfortunatly the golden years must end sometime, but when the checks stop rolling in, I will begin a career as a lawyer with the intention of getting in to politics.

Does Shufflingdead.com have your official endorsement?

Of Course

Well thank you for your time Micah Kanters. Good luck in the future and may Mazda keep sticking your face in their ads. I’ll probably go ballistic every time I see one of them from now on.

I would just like to add that you are missing The Enlightened Dictator, my swim coach Chris Colburn form the list of my top advisors, I feel he needs to be added seeing as he has helped the Alliance tromendously over the past few years.

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  1. Mollie says:

    I was looking for something serious about the Zoom-zoom boy the found only this. Can I at least believe that he is actually Micah Kanters? But I’m pretty sure the ads featuring him were out much more than five years ago. I promise I won’t tell, but I sure would appreciate getting some serious information about this boy.

    BTW, are you interested in the errors in spelling and punctuation I noticed on your site?


    • Newbs says:

      This is a legitimate interview I did with Micah Kanters in 2004 (5 years after his Mazda appearance).

      I don’t have any contact information for him any more, and I wouldn’t be able to share it even if I did. Shufflingdead respects the privacy of its contacts.

  2. […] an advertising campaign or spokesperson will break through and actually amuse, like Mazda’s Zoom Zoom kid. Well, maybe he just broke through for me. In any case, few have ever reached the astounding level […]

  3. Noah says:

    I went to Sunday School with this guy. I haven’t spoken to or heard anything about him for years though.

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